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SERIES: Sects Sell

Launched in January 2019, Sects Sell is my weekly opportunity to explore a cult and experiment with a mid-century-ish, retro style of advertisement. New pieces are posted every Friday on this page and on Instagram – follow this and other work at @bridgetmakesstuff.

Series Title Card – January 2019

Ad Inspo:


The shape of the logo is inspired by the Holiday Inn Great Sign, see below, which is the real name of the marquee sign that the chain used exclusively from its founding through the 1970s. By the mid-1980s, the signs has been phased out entirely, much to the chagrin of founder, Kemmons Wilson. He legit has the sign etched into his tombstone. That’s not a joke.

The lettering is based on the iconic game show title card font primarily used in the 1960s — even Jeopardy! used a version while Art Fleming was still the host, as you can see above.

I also threw in some stars reminiscent of Sky Ranch motel, but I’m going to save that deep dive for the next piece in the series.

Cult Inspo:

There’s not so much in the way of cult inspo in this prelaunch week, but the title of the series, “Sects Sell,” is a play on the old chestnut “Sex Sells.” I’m calling it an old chestnut because that provides me some psychic and emotional distance from that fairly gross phrase, as well as the concept which, you know, isn’t wrong just because it’s icky.

The title gives me some room to explore both different levels of cultiness and different kinds of old-school advertising. Which I look forward to doing in this space every Friday!

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