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2019’s Most Uniqued Commissioned Items

I love making the perfect custom gift for someone — working with you to get it exactly right is one of my favorite things. I would be thrilled to set you up with the print, sticker, or blanket of your dreams, but I want you to know that the world is your oyster with regards to custom gifts. I’m going to share some unique suggestions that you can give your person — and you can shoot me an email at when you’re ready to get started!

If they…

…have a new baby, let’s make them a changing pad cover — you can put a smile on their face exactly when they need it.

…are somehow never in town, let’s make them a duffel bag — they can be themselves wherever they are.

…can’t sit still, let’s make them a puzzle — it’s like 252 little presents to keep them occupied.

…love to be surprised, but, like, in a productive way, let’s make them an umbrella — unexpected, but endlessly practical.

…are constantly battling to stay ahead of a mess, let’s make them placemats or a table cloth — no reason you can’t be tidy and interesting.

…play rec sports, let’s make them a koozie — you can drink while you play but only if you do the bare minimum to disguise it. Trust me.

…are fancy, but not, like, FANCY-fancy, let’s make them an acrylic serving tray — you can serve stuff on it or you can turn your ottoman into a table with it, depending on where you are in your adult life.

…need to be convinced not to spend $15 a day on food, let’s make them a lunch box — from what I understand, that’s also how you get a child hype about eating their packed lunch.

…could use a daily self-esteem boost, let’s make them a bath mat — so many options to affirm someone on the reg.

…want every single piece of furniture they own to reflect their personality, let’s make them an ottoman — it won’t break the bank, but it will, well, scream them.

…love a traditional gift, let’s make them a phone or tablet case — show them you understand them both with our design and by giving them a gift that is 0% wild.

…skipped your birthday part for your dog’s birthday party, let’s make them a dog bed — we can put your face on it, so they never forget what they did to you.

Ready to go? Email to get started! Still not sure what to make? Email me anyway and we’ll figure it out together!

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped by a loved one? Walk with me through the metaphorical forest of perfect gifts for your loved one. Items here are from Fuckin’ Yikes, the Holigays, Sects Sell, Meet the Curator x bridgetmakesstuff, AND a limited-edition selection of best-selling gifts.

Okay, here we go! If you…

… can’t wait to tell this person about the annoying thing that happened today, because they have such a satisfying eye-roll

Get them a Fuckin’ Yikes enamel pin!

It’ll express their irritation so their face can take a break.

…are constantly emailing Lyft because this person left their stuff in the car after brunch

Get them a fanny pack!

It’s not a foolproof way to keep them from losing all of their shit, but it can’t hurt.

… can’t fathom how much this person gets done in a day

Get them a hoodie!

Remind them that all their hard work is gonna pay off …and they deserve it!

… wouldn’t want to go to Pride with anyone else

Get them extra festive holi-gay decor!

They gotta let Santa know.

… can’t believe how much shit this person carries on their person on a daily basis

Get them a backpack!

They’re not a regular nerd; they’re a cool nerd.

…want to encourage this person… but in a goth way

Give them a You’re Doing Fine compact!

It’s creepy, but it’s loving!

… have never heard anyone talk about the Illuminati so much

Get them a Heaven’s Gate retro print!

I, too, am into cults, okay?

…text this person all of your plant questions

Get them a cacti sticker!

You could give them a plant, but that’s just adding more work.

…stalk this person’s insta to see the neon signs they’ve faved

Get them the Sects Sell Print!

Old sign; new joke!

…always subtly looking to see what fun socks this person is wearing

Get them Holi-gay socks!

Festive, but subtle.

…admire how adaptable this person is

Get them a Chameleon sticker!

Honor their flexibility with a mutable creature.

…know Taylor Swift

Get them a Snake sticker!

She’s in on the joke now, guys.

…are a Georgia and they are a Karen (or vice-versa)

Get them a Fuck Politeness tote!

Also serves as a fun way to get everyone else to leave them alone!

…have seen this person murder over 100 plants

Get them a Pretty Prickly phone case!

They can not only keep a plant alive, they can carry it around forever!

…are just pretty proud of this person

Get them a Yo Grow, Girl print!

It’s perfect for any strong woman — so any women, ya know?

…could sit and complain to this person from happy hour until last call

Get them a Trying to Cultivate a Fuck laptop case!

It’s a real power move to walk into a meeting carrying that

…can trust this person to be honest, whether they want to be or note

Get them a Not Tactful compact mirror!

Help the world see what they see when they look in the mirror

…know everything there is to know about this person’s meds

Get them a Thank You Therapy canvas!

They live in a pro-therapy home, baby, and they don’t care who knows it.

…always order the mozzarella sticks

Get them a Wishful Thinking lunch box!

Never stop dreaming of pizza.