SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Fall 2019 Collection Sneak Peak

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One of the things I learned from making the Pride collection, is that I will make 100 pieces per season if I let me, and then people will be extremely into about five of them. So rather than creating every great idea I can think of this fall, I’m trying to really develop a theme and aesthetic that I want to share just a tiny bit about.

For the fall, we’re centering on hoodies and leggings, fam, and those are my two absolute favorite things to wear, so I’m hype to design them for us. I’ll also be working on stickers, enamel pins, and prints, which I’ll be fulfilling from the weird co-working space forming in our dining room for the first time! And they’re coming at ya in this collection:

There are three reasons I’m going with something called fuckin’ yikes:

  1. It will explore three dichotomies – internal vs external, order vs chaos, and friend vs foe. All three of those are closely entangled with ideas of the self and mental health for me. One can feel exposed talking about that stuff — it’s definitely complicated for me, personally, to talk about all three dichotomies. But the fact that those ideas are a lil scary doesn’t mean I don’t talk about ’em
  2. It will explore those things through images of mythological monster and space. Both nebulous concepts that kinda freak me tf out!
  3. I like it. And I really liked how I lettered it.

I don’t want to go hard on the spoilers, but I DO want to share some of the images that are serving as design inspo for me on this so you can get hype!

Some things I love about these images:

Getting back to my preferred color palette after working in the rainbow all summer.
Weird nature, like: turtles in a cult, recolored images of flora and fauna, mystery tentacles, tiny little baby plants, and unlikely carnivores.
A simplified, flash-tattoo-inspired illustration style.

I’ll be taking these ideas and blowing them up to a level of mythos and mystery and then talking about how they relate to both specific and universal feelings. What do you guys think? Are you into the vibe? Are there specific things you’d like to see come out of these musings? Let me know in the comments, DM me on Instagram, or email me at