complex monthly newsletter

The nice thing about being your own client is that you have total flexibility in designing your collateral! My priorities for the monthly email, as with most monthly emails, were: brand compatibility, readability, and clear call-to-actions.

You can see above that integrating my logo as a header was key, as was matching the color palette. The tone of the welcome text matches the language I use across channels. For artists and other brands based on personal connection, a digital and marketing voice that matches your actual voice can be a huge help. People are buying YOU when they buy your products and services, so show yourself to them!

Here’s the entire content of the email laid out:

On the left, is the tail end of the welcome paragraph and the first “story” about how UX can help my clients. In the middle is an overview of my new Patreon page. On the left is a behind-the-scenes about designing a fanny pack, plus the footer of the email.

In my experience, the key is visual distinction. The first story is the most technical with the least intuitive image. Rather than force something there, I used the fact that the purple text box pops to anchor that content. It contains a LOT of links to break apart the text and a clear button call-to-action that’s free.

I knew the third story was going to be one image, so for the Patreon story, I used four images that capture the four levels one can give to on Patreon. These images do double duty talking about how I’d use the funds if they chose to contribute.

Finally, the most art-centric element gets image on white treatment so it pops. I got multiple asks about it!

simple monthly email

Blondes vs Brunettes DC is a charity organization that puts on a big annual football game and other events throughout the fall to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease research and care support. I’ve been a part of the organization for five seasons and last year, as a chair and as the head of the marketing committee.

Last year, my primary initiative was to launch a newsletter to former players and fans. The design was constrained a bit by brand style restrictions — the header font, logo, and colors — but you can see some layout elements below.

I find the alternating images layout particularly effective for a series of short action items and reminders. Folks generally know if they’re a player, a sponsor, or a donor, so the goal is to get folks to their content quickly. You can check out an example of a newsletter requiring more detail here.