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New Beginnings

I finished this website revision in April and I’m just now getting a firm sense of how this space functions as a hub for my things. I was using this blog area for announcements, work samples, old writing, and photo-journals  —  that is too many things for one chronological blog and there are much better platforms for all of those things. Pics are on VSCO, my work is in a Dribbble portfolio and on Instagram, and my old professional blogging is archived in a separate space. That leaves this blog for personal writing and reflection.

Here’s how the last few months shook out for me:


I quit my job because the senior staff at my former organization had an absurdly disproportionate response to me giving them feedback they asked for; it became clear to me that their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion was purely superficial.


I walked a lot of dogs and made a lot of art, my girlfriend quit HER job, we had some of the best weeks of our relationship, we went to Europe together right after her last day.


we moved everything we own out of our shared apartment and into a storage unit, we started crashing with my parents while we looked for jobs.


my girlfriend went to Los Angeles to visit her sister, broke up with me via gchat, and declined to take responsibility for a single possession she left here; Bru took home the trophy for the third consecutive year; and I made plans to move to Baltimore to live in a three bedroom house where I can have an office and I started to figure out what my life looks like now.

So here we are, rapidly approaching December and I think it’s fair to say that this moment will likely help define the next chapter of my life  — and that makes me feel like I should make some resolutions or name some goals or set some intentions or something.

Here are, well, just a list of some things I feel like saying that mostly lacks parallel structure:

  1. F.O.E. – friends over everything. This is partly me saying that I want to prioritize the people that have always had my back, but it also doubles as a gentle-ish way to say No New Friends.
  2. No one’s mental health is more important than mine and I should not be with or around someone that asks me to sacrifice mine for hers on a regular basis.
  3. Don’t take the blame if you didn’t earn the blame; take the fucking credit if you earned the fucking credit.
  4. It’s fine for me to be a flannel & snapback bisexual and still identify as vaguely femme, it’s fine for me to represent my sexuality however the fuck I want, and it’s   f   i   n   e   if I occasionally want to be reductive about my identity (and the identities of consenting friends) in service of a gay joke about my all-women football team.
  5. I’m adopting Mindy Kaling’s “Why the fuck not me?” as my professional mantra. There’s not a single fucking reason I can’t have the freelance career of my dreams if I’m willing to earn it.
  6. Don’t ever get soft at mimosa chugging again.