BEHIND-THE-SCENES: commissioning a fanny pack for/from myself

My favorite fanny pack came from my football team. I love it a lot, but it’s been through …some stuff. Some drinking stuff.

I went in search of a replacement and I knew I wanted a few things:
• a long strap so I can also wear it over my shoulder
• a galaxy print
• blank spaces for my fave pins
• pockets
• any other interesting element, but not pizza or donuts — I love both of those things, but they don’t go with every crop top and/or bar, ya know?

Then Printful released a fanny pack. Printful is my drop-shipping company, which means I design stuff in the correct dimension and then set up print files. When you place an order on my website, it goes straight to them and they print/ship it.

Their pack had an XL strap option, internal pockets, and an all-over print, so we were good to go. I went through a series of drafts on this bad boy.

In searching for the “other interesting element,” I started with reptiles. I’m a big fan of the symbolism that so many of them possess. I had an idea in my head to do something in the tattoo flash style — if you go into a tattoo parlor, tattoo flash is all the quick-tattoos on the wall. One of the more famous artists working in that style is Sailor Jerry (tattoos to the left – H/T to Quaker City Mercantile for the image). And reptiles show up a lot. See the snake over there.

I started thinking about Chameleons. Honestly, mostly because they’re different from snakes.

I made this lil guy with plans to shade him in that flash style, but it felt too much like a representation of the Southwest , which isn’t my vibe.

I liked him a lot though, so I’m saving him for my Fall Collection, to be announced very, very soon — stay tuned on instagram for that!

The next thing I drew was these cacti (above left). That lead me to a desert scene (above right). Both are done in the flash style, with the mountains being a less blended version. I needed to design for the top, back, and inside pocket, as well. Because I’m using the top to display pins, I kept that and the back basic galaxy pattern. For the inside pocket, I changed things up with the cacti (below left), which completed the design (below right). The cacti will also be making an appearance in the Fall Collection. I’ll share that and the final fanny pack when it gets here on social, so make sure to keep up with me on instagram!

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect fanny pack for yourself or a loved one? Need help brainstorming a different custom gift? Schedule a call with me or shoot me an email at!

Tell me what you think!