Hi, I’m Bridget Woodbury! I live and work in the DC/Baltimore and bridget makes stuff is my lil business.

The biz is about to turn 1, but I’ve been doing all of this stuff for much longer than that. As a kid, I was constantly drawing, painting, and making my family watch interminable plays. I took a quilting class with a bunch of grown-ass adults in a yurt at Glen Echo Park. But as I got to high school, I transitioned to a behind the scenes role as a stage manager.

And that’s what I did for years. I studied it in college, unioned up, and lived a crazy freelance life. I wasn’t making art every day, but I WAS doing all of my own marketing — designing business cards, formatting postcards, and maintaining this exact website, to name a few examples.

I didn’t really recognize that’s what I was doing until I got to grad school. My MA in nonprofit arts administration. I started the program because I was burning out hard and I thought it might be my ticket to production management — something with more consistent hours and, I dunno, predictable money?

But grad school opened my eyes to a lot of things. Two of them being that 1. there are other art jobs, and 2. I was already doing a lot of marketing. So I focused on marketing and strategy in my time there and got a job working at a nonprofit managing a membership program. Turns out the 9-5 deal I thought I wanted was… not the deal I wanted.

So now I make art, design logos and websites, and help small businesses and nonprofits build long term strategies that make sense for their personal and organizational missions.

My goal, always, is to help the right people connect with each other — whether that’s connecting your brand with people that truly want to engage with your products and services or creating pieces that speak to my fellow femme, queer, creative, anxious, manic, 90s-obsessed, murderino, dc-loving, eye-rolling, and/or bleeding-heart people.

I hope you’ll explore some updates, keep in touch via instagram, and sign up for my (extremely) occasional email newsletter!

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Looking for something else? Feel free to reach out to me directly at b@bridgetwoodbury.com

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