2019’s Most Uniqued Commissioned Items

I love making the perfect custom gift for someone — working with you to get it exactly right is one of my favorite things. I would be thrilled to set you up with the print, sticker, or blanket of your dreams, but I want you to know that the world is your oyster with regards to custom gifts. I’m going to share some unique suggestions that you can give your person — and you can shoot me an email at b@bridgetmakesstuff.com when you’re ready to get started!

If they…

…have a new baby, let’s make them a changing pad cover — you can put a smile on their face exactly when they need it.

…are somehow never in town, let’s make them a duffel bag — they can be themselves wherever they are.

…can’t sit still, let’s make them a puzzle — it’s like 252 little presents to keep them occupied.

…love to be surprised, but, like, in a productive way, let’s make them an umbrella — unexpected, but endlessly practical.

…are constantly battling to stay ahead of a mess, let’s make them placemats or a table cloth — no reason you can’t be tidy and interesting.

…play rec sports, let’s make them a koozie — you can drink while you play but only if you do the bare minimum to disguise it. Trust me.

…are fancy, but not, like, FANCY-fancy, let’s make them an acrylic serving tray — you can serve stuff on it or you can turn your ottoman into a table with it, depending on where you are in your adult life.

…need to be convinced not to spend $15 a day on food, let’s make them a lunch box — from what I understand, that’s also how you get a child hype about eating their packed lunch.

…could use a daily self-esteem boost, let’s make them a bath mat — so many options to affirm someone on the reg.

…want every single piece of furniture they own to reflect their personality, let’s make them an ottoman — it won’t break the bank, but it will, well, scream them.

…love a traditional gift, let’s make them a phone or tablet case — show them you understand them both with our design and by giving them a gift that is 0% wild.

…skipped your birthday part for your dog’s birthday party, let’s make them a dog bed — we can put your face on it, so they never forget what they did to you.

Ready to go? Email b@bridgetmakesstuff.com to get started! Still not sure what to make? Email me anyway and we’ll figure it out together!

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