2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped by a loved one? Walk with me through the metaphorical forest of perfect gifts for your loved one. Items here are from Fuckin’ Yikes, the Holigays, Sects Sell, Meet the Curator x bridgetmakesstuff, AND a limited-edition selection of best-selling gifts.

Okay, here we go! If you…

… can’t wait to tell this person about the annoying thing that happened today, because they have such a satisfying eye-roll

Get them a Fuckin’ Yikes enamel pin!

It’ll express their irritation so their face can take a break.

…are constantly emailing Lyft because this person left their stuff in the car after brunch

Get them a fanny pack!

It’s not a foolproof way to keep them from losing all of their shit, but it can’t hurt.

… can’t fathom how much this person gets done in a day

Get them a hoodie!

Remind them that all their hard work is gonna pay off …and they deserve it!

… wouldn’t want to go to Pride with anyone else

Get them extra festive holi-gay decor!

They gotta let Santa know.

… can’t believe how much shit this person carries on their person on a daily basis

Get them a backpack!

They’re not a regular nerd; they’re a cool nerd.

…want to encourage this person… but in a goth way

Give them a You’re Doing Fine compact!

It’s creepy, but it’s loving!

… have never heard anyone talk about the Illuminati so much

Get them a Heaven’s Gate retro print!

I, too, am into cults, okay?

…text this person all of your plant questions

Get them a cacti sticker!

You could give them a plant, but that’s just adding more work.

…stalk this person’s insta to see the neon signs they’ve faved

Get them the Sects Sell Print!

Old sign; new joke!

…always subtly looking to see what fun socks this person is wearing

Get them Holi-gay socks!

Festive, but subtle.

…admire how adaptable this person is

Get them a Chameleon sticker!

Honor their flexibility with a mutable creature.

…know Taylor Swift

Get them a Snake sticker!

She’s in on the joke now, guys.

…are a Georgia and they are a Karen (or vice-versa)

Get them a Fuck Politeness tote!

Also serves as a fun way to get everyone else to leave them alone!

…have seen this person murder over 100 plants

Get them a Pretty Prickly phone case!

They can not only keep a plant alive, they can carry it around forever!

…are just pretty proud of this person

Get them a Yo Grow, Girl print!

It’s perfect for any strong woman — so any women, ya know?

…could sit and complain to this person from happy hour until last call

Get them a Trying to Cultivate a Fuck laptop case!

It’s a real power move to walk into a meeting carrying that

…can trust this person to be honest, whether they want to be or note

Get them a Not Tactful compact mirror!

Help the world see what they see when they look in the mirror

…know everything there is to know about this person’s meds

Get them a Thank You Therapy canvas!

They live in a pro-therapy home, baby, and they don’t care who knows it.

…always order the mozzarella sticks

Get them a Wishful Thinking lunch box!

Never stop dreaming of pizza.

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